Post a new staff member completing the onboarding process it would be great if we could adapt the completion email ourselves so we can attach links to our online induction portal. At the moment we have to wait until Tanda emails managers the confirmation they have completed the onboarding then we manually send them another email with our internal induction links and info.

If we could have this automatically done from within your onboarding platform then it completes the standard tasks associated with proper and full electronic onboarding.

At the moment we have no way to add the links and info in a user friendly way.

The additional info section we can place documents into there however they cannot be downloaded and saved so the user can refer to the info later. That inability to save the info means that this function cannot be utilised as we need too.

If we could simply edit and attach stuff to the automatic completion email then it properly automates onboarding - including induction materials or links etc.