One Click Rostering 🚀
With One Click Rostering, you can now build a roster tailored to your unique staffing needs with just one click.
Tanda/Workforce.com learns from your rostering patterns over time to identify when, where, and who to roster so you have the coverage you need. We also look at factors that can impact your daily demand, like weather, sales forecasts, and foot traffic.
Try it out
In your Rosters overview page, navigate to a week with no rosters built for any location, then click the One Click Build button.
Once shifts are built, you can easily make any changes necessary.
If you prefer to return to the previous scheduling format, simply select the option to roster by hand.
Who can use One Click Rostering?
One Click Rostering is accessible to organisations that have built
at least two weeks
of rosters and have turned on the Predictive Scheduling setting.
To confirm your organisation has this setting turned on, select the Settings tab in the top navigation bar then select the Feature Management option.
On the Feature Management page, scroll down until you reach the Predictive Scheduling setting. Make sure this is turned to the On position.